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We Take the Pain Out of Your Difficult Projects

The Highest-Quality Machined Parts in the Shortest Amount of Time

Diablo Precision manufactures complex metal and plastic close tolerance machined parts, tools, and other critical components. It’s our job to make your parts sourcing problems disappear.

We understand the dynamics of part manufacturing’s rapid changes. Staying competitive requires us to continually improve our machining systems and refine our manufacturing processes. For our customers, it keeps their net costs down and their product quality high.

Diablo Precision is known for:

  • High-accuracy, complex metal and plastic parts, machined to print
  • High level of automation for 24-hour production and fast turnaround
  • Exceeding the quality standards of competitors
  • Design for manufacture
  • Working with customers to anticipate future product needs, saving expedite charges later and preventing line shortages
  • JIT Manufacture and Demand-Pull ordering for fast turnaround and more customer inventory turns (see our Services page)

With Diablo Precision integrated into your workflows, we operate like your in-house machine shop.  Contact Us for a machining quote.

DiabloPrecision.com has won a 2014 WebAward for its quality and features. Diablo President Conor Kelly comments on how the new site became award-winning....MORE
Our performance improvements also benefit the environment.  Recycled metals, natural oil, more thought put into machine efficiency...we use less energy and produce faster...MORE

Stainless steel gold standard gages for airbag micro-gas initiator manufacturer with +/-.00015 tolerances and 3D machining,. Only 5 sets of 5 were produced because customer could not wait 3 months for parts from Germany.
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