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April 2014
Diablo has added a Makino A51Nx 218 tool horizontal machining center with laser tool measurement and in machine probing.

Also added is a new WebScan TruCheck DPM tower UID verifier for MIL-STD-130N, AIM-DPM, AS9132 AND ISO 15415 validation.

We can now lasermark and verify even the most complex UID coding.
10 Year Anniversary

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Automation, Proud Staff, Quality Standards – Why Diablo Precision is the Best Machining Partner
Diablo Precision Inc. manufactures complex metal & plastic parts, tools, and other critical components. We provide machining, milling, turning, turn/mill, prototyping, laser marking and contract inspection.

What makes us different from other machine shops?

American MachinistAutomation. Automation plays a big role in our efficiency and worker safety. We run our machines 24 hours a day, producing millions of parts annually. High-precision automated operation keeps us at an internal reject rate of less than 1/10 of 1% and a customer reject rate under ½ of 1% over 10 years.

Organic Growth. We grow based on customer demand. In 2007, we occupied 3,000 square feet. In 2008, we took 3,000 more. We added 4,000 square feet in 2011 and another 4,000 in 2012. All as a response to customers asking for higher product volumes. Planning is active on moving into a state-of-the-art 24,000 square foot facility with top-grade thermal management and renewable energy.

Quality. We only use domestic materials sourced from the USA and Germany. Complex parts require high precision, lasting quality and rapid changeover. You won’t get that from uncontrolled material in the developing countries. Visit our Quality page for more details.

Our Staff. Employee pride in their workplace is often a deciding factor in a company's CNC West Magazinesuccess...or failure. If workers aren’t proud of the product they’re making or the company they work for, there’s a higher chance they’ll make a poorer product. We want our workers to take pride in their work. That's why Diablo has no limits on its employees. Anyone can advance higher in the company by improving their own skills and taking on leadership opportunities. All employees can effect change within their departments.

We provide intensive on-site training for all employees so they learn to produce to the highest standards. This helps us maintain our rigorous quality control standards, instills a sense of ownership, and makes every Diablo employee into a strong example of what a machinist can and should be.

Our differences stand out. Diablo Precision, Inc. was listed in American Machinist's 10 Best Machine Shops and featured in CNC West's June-July 2014 issue.  Think of what that means for your product's quality.

Diablo Precision, Inc. is located in Hollister, California. Visit our Contact page for our phone numbers and mailing address.

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