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April 2014
Diablo has added a Makino A51Nx 218 tool horizontal machining center with laser tool measurement and in machine probing.

Also added is a new WebScan TruCheck DPM tower UID verifier for MIL-STD-130N, AIM-DPM, AS9132 AND ISO 15415 validation.

We can now lasermark and verify even the most complex UID coding.
10 Year Anniversary

About | Greening a Machine Shop

Diablo, The Green Choice for Machining
How do you “green” a machine shop? Diablo Precision decided to find out.

We targeted five elements to green:
  • Thermal management
  • Material Recycling
  • Optimal Energy Usage
  • Optimal Time Use
  • Renewable Energy

Some changes are now in place. Others are coming soon. The results continue to reduce our costs, improve worker safety, eliminate wasted energy, and improve our products.

For example, controlling the processes to machine only high-quality products means we do not waste energy, materials, coolant, or time remaking product due to internal rejections. Controlling the physical environment around the machines reduces losses caused by direct thermal expansion, and helps prevent any parts loss or injury to the workers.

Greening our Machine Shop increases our efficiency. It has helped to optimize our machining processes. And we STILL deliver the highest-quality parts in California at the best price.

Current Green Improvements

  1. Air filters on all machines, for clean shop air.
  2. Coolant is a non-toxic vegetable oil, instead of synthetics. Higher cost, but safer for our machinists. It also has very high performance characteristics.
  3. 100% of scrap material is recycled. 98% of oil is recovered & recycled as well.
  4. Use of materials approved under REACH, GeSI, RoHS and EPA guidelines, safe materials mined and refined responsibly.

Future Green Improvements

A new 24,000 square-foot building with solar and wind power on the roof is in the design phase. The new building will incorporate a heat-sink floor, concrete tilt-up walls and a higher uniform ceiling. These elements protect the machines from external heat, and shift internal heat away from machinery and workers. Cost savings on air conditioning, near-zero risk of thermal parts damage, and comfortable work environment.

We have found that working to preserve the Earth’s environment, also helps us create a safe working environment, and provides a financial benefit to our customers.


Whenever required, Diablo Precision product is always compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Some chemicals are not allowed in use for any or all stages of production. The material chemistry that results could be harmful to consumers. Particularly in the case of medical implants; the body can reject certain chemicals, or cause adverse reactions when chemicals mix with certain substances in the body.

Diablo Precision does not use any of these chemicals. This is also why we source domestic materials for all of our products. Your products, whether made for the medical or consumer markets, are guaranteed RoHS safe.

Join us in "greening" the machining industry.  Contact Diablo Precision for your next parts order.

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