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April 2014
Diablo has added a Makino A51Nx 218 tool horizontal machining center with laser tool measurement and in machine probing.

Also added is a new WebScan TruCheck DPM tower UID verifier for MIL-STD-130N, AIM-DPM, AS9132 AND ISO 15415 validation.

We can now lasermark and verify even the most complex UID coding.
10 Year Anniversary

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The Diablo Precision Website Wins 2014 WebAward

September 02, 2014
DiabloPrecision.com has won a 2014 WebAward for its quality and features. Diablo President Conor Kelly comments on how the new site became award-winning.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

Awards aren't something we pursue at Diablo. The only things we do pursue are better product quality and happier customers.

But when our web developer asked permission to submit the site for a WebAward, I didn't see any reason not to.

The WebAwards recognize top websites each year, in almost 100 categories. We were submitted to the Manufacturing category.

And we won. DiabloPrecision.com won the 2014 Manufacturing Standard of Excellence WebAward.

What contributed to our winning? It was the site's new branding, clear content, and the online facility tour.

One of the WebAward judges said: "Good content, well designed navigation. I like the guide through the machine shop. More use of photography makes the site more interesting and is well placed. An engaging site is not easy in this industry..."

No, it's not. But we did it. We wanted our new site to reflect exactly who we are and what we offer.

  • A new look & feel to echo the fire in our daily work materials.
  • In-depth explanation of how we enforce high quality standards in the content.
  • And the Facilities Tour to show in full detail what a walk through the shop is like (even if you're on a phone).

Diablo Precision, Inc. is grateful to the Web Marketing Association for this award. We've displayed it on our homepage for all to see. If you're new to our site, we invite you to explore the facility--and see why we're an award-winning precision machine shop.

--Conor Kelly, President

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