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April 2014
Diablo has added a Makino A51Nx 218 tool horizontal machining center with laser tool measurement and in machine probing.

Also added is a new WebScan TruCheck DPM tower UID verifier for MIL-STD-130N, AIM-DPM, AS9132 AND ISO 15415 validation.

We can now lasermark and verify even the most complex UID coding.
10 Year Anniversary

Materials | Plastics

Polycarbonate Plastic is very resistant to impact. This strength makes it safer for areas where parts may be subjected to being stricken. When repeatedly exposed to impact, this material tends to re-form rather than break or crack. Polycarbonate has very high dielectric strength and volume resistivity which makes it perfect for electrical applications. Polycarbonate parts can be easily machined using standard metal working methods and tools without chipping, splitting, cracking or breaking.

Examples of Our Work

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Pomelux Servo Chassis Machined On Vertical Mill, Machined From Solid, 50 Parts Completed In 3 Days
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Torlon Flex Mount
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Black Delrin Sleeves
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Ultem Plastic Machined On Vertical Mill
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Ultem Prototype Reflector Housing 3d Machined On Vertical Mill, Total Project Time 2 Days To Delivery
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Ultem Parts For Removable Disk Drive Machined On Vertical Mill
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Black Polycarbonate Flex Coupling Machined On Vertical Mill Tolerances +/-.002
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Peek Adapter For Medical Industry Machined On Vertical Mill
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